Lazy Sunday

It's a snowy day here in Syracuse. We are expected to receive a foot of snow today into tomorrow. Tim is still sleeping, which is great since he never gets to sleep in. I just finished scouring the Sunday paper for the 'good' ads and the coupons. I went in to visit our new kitty this morning and he was so happy to see me! We have to keep him in the bathroom right now because we haven't been able to bring him to the vet yet. Tomorrow morning is his appointment and then he can join the rest of the family. We still have yet to find a name for him. Any suggestions? The neighbors had been calling him 'Pesto' but we aren't sure we like that name.

Today should be a nice, quiet, lazy Sunday. We may go out to get a cup of free coffee. Tim won a radio contest the other day and he won free coffee for a year! It was ironic because he hates coffee but they let him get hot chocolate. He's also slowly acquiring a taste for cappuchinos. Mainly the ones with titles such as "cinnamon bun" and "french vanilla". :)

Have a great Sunday! Hopefully, I will be able to get this blog swiched over to timandalanna.com soon so that I can post pics.


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