The Big Dig

Tim and I survived the first big snowstorm of the season. The airport calculated a record snowfall for December 14th of 10.8 inches. The previous record was 5.7 inches in 2000. Shoveling our parking lot and driveway this morning felt more like at least 15 inches! Tim shoveled 4 times yesterday, including a midnight shift. Our housemates left their cars in the street and were totally plowed in this morning. We are a little peeved with them for not helping shovel at all! They would rather ignore it and deal with it later I guess.

We made it to the vet on time and found out that our kitty is perfectly healthy except for a case of roundworm. He weighed in at 4.5lbs and is still nameless. Right now he's exploring the apartment, but mainly hiding in corners. :) We have yet to introduce him formally to Maddie and Phoebe.

I'm on semester break right now and it's fantastic! We have finally put all of our wedding stuff away and sent out the thank you's and the Christmas cards so now we can sit back and enjoy the season. We're eagerly anticipating our honeymoon to Maui in one week!

Time for me to go enjoy my yummy grilled cheese sandwich that Timmy made for me!


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