We're baaaack!

Hello all, we're back from our fantastic honeymoon to Maui! I will post some pics as soon as possible. Let's just say it was a real wake up call when we arrived back in Syracuse to 20 degree weather from 80 degree weather. Luckily, most of the snow has melted away, however, I have no worries that we won't be pelted again soon with the white stuff. Tim and I are freshly tanned and ready to begin/continue our life as a happily married couple! Poor Timmy is back at work today and it's time for me to clean, drop pics off to be developed and do laundry. Oh! The kitties survived us being gone (big thanks to Mandy for watching the little buggers!) with only minimal disturbance of the house and xmas tree (i.e. xmas cards all over the floor, ornaments knocked off the tree and various other parts of the house in disarray). All is well in the Sredzinski household. :)

Our maui sunset pic taken at a Christmas Day luau in Wailea. I don't know why the scanning of this pic makes Tim look like he has 'pirate eye'! Argh, matey!


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