"Bruce, where are you?"

That was the question Thursday night as we went to Target. I was standing near the main aisle looking at the new DVDs when Alanna came up to me. She said a woman looking for her husband was yelling really loud, "Bruce, where are you?" We both thought that was a little odd. Well, a few minutes later, in a nice store such as Target, we hear this woman yell, again very loud, "Bruce, where the f*** are you?" Yes folks, this woman was going psycho in the main aisle of Target. They must have had a huge argument earlier. A few minutes later, she was walking past us again, this time with what had to be Bruce. She was still yelling. This time it was, "I know what you think of me." And then, "You and your co-dependence. Every time somebody shits you have to suck it out of their ass." Folks, that is a line I will never forget as long as I live! A little while later, we were still around the DVDs and books and stuff, and we could still hear her going off near check-out. All the while Bruce didn't make one peep. He must have thought he could fool other shoppers into thinking she wasn't with him if he ignored her. We all know the truth, Bruce.


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