Fall adventures and kitty stuff!

We haven't posted any pics in a long time so I thought I'd update everyone on some recent weekend trips we've taken. At the end of September we went to an apple orchard that is about 20mins away from us called Beak and Skiff. We picked some Macintosh apples, rode the tractor about 1/16th of a mile, ate apple fritters and cider, and saw farm animals! It was a great day and we'll probably head to another orchard in the next few weeks before November.

October 3rd we drove up to the town of Old Forge, which is located in the Aidirondack Mountains. It was about a 2hr drive north east and we saw lots of changing colors along the way. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures of this trip but trust us, it was beautiful! On our drive, we saw the scariest rendition of Ronald McDonald you'll ever see. It's Muncho!

October 10th we took a drive south east to Cooperstown, NY. My mom sent us an article about the town and it is only about 2hrs away so we decided to check it out. The baseball hall of fame is there and James Fenimore Cooper (wrote Last of the Mohicans) is from there as well. It was supposed to be nice out but drizzled most of the day. We parked at Doubleday Field and walked the streets of Cooperstown. This is a picture of a lake that is on the way to Cooperstown. All in all, it was a fun day and I'm glad we are able to check out these places before we leave NY.

In kitty related news, we recently purchased a little kitty bed for them and we only got one because we weren't sure they would even use it. Turns out, they love it! Jingles prefers it to his box, Maddie likes to claim it for the day when mommy is in the office working, and Maddie and Phoebe love to snuggle together on it. They could have done that as a matter of necessity though since it's freezing in our house and we are too cheap to turn on the heat yet!

Hope all is well with everyone and leave a comment to let us know you still enjoy our ramblings!


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