Mackinac Vacation and Tim's New Car!

Hey Everybody! First post in a long time for Tim here.

Alanna and I went to Mackinac Island for a three day weekend, a couple of weeks ago. We headed up on Friday, June 19th, and spent time in Mackinaw City, where our hotel was. We then drove across the Mackinac Bridge to St.Ignace, and drove around for awhile. Then we went back to Mackinaw City and walked around to all the shops, and had dinner.

Saturday morning we took the 10:00 ferry to the Island, and got a special treat with the ferry going right up to the bridge, to commemorate 50 years (last year was 50).

Here's a pic of us on the ferry with the bridge in the background:

We took a carriage tour of the Island when we got there. It was relaxing and informative. After a lot of sightseeing, we went to visit my cousin Travis who works at the one and only Starbucks on the Island. He has a pretty sweet gig there. He is assistant manager, and stays in an apartment there, paid for by work. He gets free entrance into Fort Mackinac, and gets discounts in a lot of the shops. Travis applied for the job a few summers ago, and has been spending the summers since on the island.

After the island, we spent more time around the city. We left Sunday morning to go back home. It was a nice weekend.

Last Tuesday after work, I got out to my car to notice a puddle of gas under it. I drove the shop truck home that night, and had the Bonneville towed to a mechanic the next day. Turns out my gas tank had a hole rusted in it. To replace it and the fuel unit would cost $700, and we didn't want to dump the money in a 12 year old car with 250K miles. So I started looking for a car the same night. I got a dealership to appraise the Bonneville at $300.

The next day my mom called me and told me a dealership near them was offering a guaranteed minimum $2000 for a trade in, sight unseen. GM also had their 0% financing for 72 months. They traded in their 1998 Jimmy and got a Chevy HHR. They got the two seater panel van, which is basically my step dad's work vehicle.

Well I took my car to them that night and got $2000 for the Bonny, which I also applied to an HHR.

Here's the new car:

We love the new car. It's cool and fun. And it's a stick shift!

We hope everybody has a great 4th of July!


Blogger *Larry said...

Congrats Tim on the new car...looks like fun!

11:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How fun - I miss Mackinaw. Congratulations on the new car - it looks great in the red!

Are you guys still thinking about visting New England next month?

9:50 AM  

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