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This past weekend, Tim and I were lovingly told that our blog desperately needed updating! We really have not been up to much lately. Since our Mackinac Island trip we've just been hanging out at home and Tim worked about 60+ hours a week for the month of August. We both had vacation the last week of August which was fantastic! We didn't really do much though; just did some little things around the house, napped, and read our books. It was a great Staycation! Tim's birthday was Aug. 13 and mine was the 21st, plus a few other family birthdays made August a busy birthday month! I have now joined the '30' club and I'm not really sure how that feels.

Tim threw me a surprise 30th birthday party on August 16th! I have never had a surprise party and at first I was horrified that I had to get out and greet all these people with all eyes on me, but I got over that and had an amazing evening! My sister and her boyfriend did a lot of work on the party as well. My sister kept me occupied for the day with mani/pedi's and a haircut/color/style. I arrived at my party in style! My parents were there, which was a complete surprise! And, my friend Angie, who I hadn't seen in almost a year was there. It was a wonderful evening, and thank you again to everyone who came to the party!

The guests waiting for me to arrive!

This is our niece, Stella, in her custom made adirondack chair! Tim's step-dad made the chair for her. She turned one in August as well.

Upcoming events include my friend Angie's wedding on the 20th of Sept. in Midland, a trip to Chicago to visit my parents in October and a trip to NYC to visit my friend Mandy over Thanksgiving. That weekend will mark 5 years of married life for Tim and I! Honestly, where does the time go! We are both so excited to go back to the city. We plan on visiting the museum of natural history, seeing a broadway show and eating at the amazing restaurant Carmines!


Blogger monica said...

Hooray for the blog update! It was great to see you guys last weekend. We'll have to plan to get together again sometime soon!

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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