Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has started off their New Year on a happy and uplifting note! I have been busy cleaning and getting ready for my mum to arrive. Tim and I will pick her up from the airport tonight and that means dad is all by himself this weekend. Well, except for his canine companion that he is dogsitting. :) Yes, that's right...dad is watching a doggy all by himself! He gets along quite well with Lulu (that's a baby Phoebe behind her) and enjoys having her tag along beside him. It's been a quiet day in the 'Cuse. I've brushed and trimmed the little ones (can you spot the kitties) and they are all ready to hang out with their Grandma!

I just checked my grades from my first semester in grad school and I'm happy to say I received A's and B's! Woohoo! It will be interesting to see what the spring semester has in store for us. Happy New Year everyone!


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