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Today marks the first day of my last semester here at Syracuse. Yay! Christmas break is long gone and Tim and I are both starting to feel the pressure of finding jobs and completing our obligations here in the 'Cuse. Tim had Monday off as a paid holiday which was nice. He's been putting in a few hours of overtime each week to boost his paycheck.

We don't have any exciting plans. I've been working on recruiting for my first program session that will run at the end of February. Tim's been helping by being my chauffeur. I'm getting nervous because I've never had to develop, recruit, implement and evaluate a whole program before! I just pray that some grandparents will show up because I can't have a program if nobody shows up!

Ok, time for me to hop on the treadmill and watch American Idol that I taped from last night. I'm down 14.5lbs now and I feel great! Tim's been slowly getting into the weight watchers routine with me. He wants to look good for his interviews (even though he looks great now!) Oh, and I haven't smoked now for almost 5 weeks! That has been more difficult than watching my weight. I have yet to find a good alternative to smoking that helps to relieve my anxiety and stress. I'm contemplating learning how to knit because I've heard that it helps a lot with both issues.


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