Not this month :(

Today was my Day 12 ultrasound. When you take Clomid you have to have an ultrasound around Day 12 so that they can see if your ovaries are going to produce an egg to be fertilized. Well, for me that is not going to happen this month. The doc said she didn't see any "dominant follicles". Meaning, there wasn't a dominant egg ready to be released. So, it's back to the drawing board. I will try 100mg of Clomid next month and I'll have another ultrasound to see if that dosage will work.

I was a little sad with the news. She reassured me that many couples do not get pregnant their first month on Clomid. But, it was still a bummer to hear that it wouldn't happen. It makes me wonder if all those years of birth control dilligence was even neccessary! Also, it's not great to hear your body doesn't work properly. It's hard to think that I always thought I would just be able to have a child whenever I wanted and now that is not the case.

I guess this is going to be a process for Tim and I. Please keep us in your prayers. We love and miss all of you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

*hug* I know how that feels.


1:01 PM  
Anonymous Jules said...

Aww.. I'm so sorry Alanna! I'm definetly thinking of you and Tim and wish you the best of luck next month!

2:44 PM  

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