Weekend fun

Tim and I have spent the better part of the day putting shrink wrap on our windows to help cut the cost of our electric/gas bill. Our bill was WAY too high last month and we are trying to prevent that from happening again. The house we live in is old and air was getting in through all the windows. Next year, we'll do this in October :) Tim's watching football and I'm getting ready to read the Sunday paper. This is my last day before school starts again. We're trying to make it a relaxing day for the both of us! Last night we saw "Cheaper by the dozen" which was a really cute movie! We also played a round of Ghettopoly with Angie (she didn't do so great and had to end up selling back all her properties and crack houses in order to stay in the game). She had some choice property. I'm sure she was sad to sell "Busta Cap Recording, Ray Ray's Chicken and Ribs and Tyron's Gun Shop". She'll just have to sell some more crack! Thanks again mom and dad for the great game!

Here's a cute pic of the kitties all sharing space on our bed. And, a pic of Tim with his new chair buddy! Hope everyone had a great week!


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