Pic Happy!

Good Saturday to you all!
Alanna and I woke up late today, around 11:30. We were up watching "Gothika" last night, starring Halle Berry and Robert "Rehab" Downey Jr. Good movie, I had nightmares! Seriously!
We went to Faegan's Pub for lunch and had a couple burgers and pops (excuse me, sodas, we're in the east). Then we went to Bruegger's Bagels and got a dozen and some cream cheese for the week. Mmmm...Jalepeno cream cheese.

I thought today I'd post some pics for you to see. How can Alanna study with all these critters around her?
Here's Jingles playing in my clothes.
This is our new kitchen the landlord put in. It's nice to have some counter space. The guys upstairs received a new kitchen too.

Finally, I thought I'd post a bunch of pics of my favorite things: my guitars!

This is my very first guitar. A christmas gift from my parents. It's a Yamaha FG400A acoustic guitar. Still one of my most played.

Next is my first electric guitar, a Fender Squier Stratocaster.

Next is the mighty 1996 Gibson Les Paul, bought from my grandparent's tenant a few years ago. Excellent condition. Retails from around $1200. I got it for much less.

This here is my Jackson PS4, which I bought in 1996. This along with the Les Paul is my Numero Uno weapon of choice. Lately it's the Jackson I've been playing the most.

Next up is the Fender 12 string guitar, although it's currently down to eleven strings.

Next we have my fake Gibson SG, that I bought off a college friend. I re-did the finish on this. Also, it was missing the whammy bar, but my grandpa Leo used his Polish Engineering to fashion one out of a toilet floater rod! Genius!! Check this out!

Here is a classical acoustic guitar my mom got in Mexico years ago.

Finally, this is my no name pawn shop Bass guitar, traded for a guitar I used to have. Somebody painted Fender Stratocaster on the headstock! Sha right!! Stratocasters are regular guitars. Good paint job though.

Here is the whole family together. Aren't they beautiful?

Well, it's time to leave you all and get ready for church. Tonight we are watching more movies. We have "Lost In Translation", "21 Grams", and "In The Cut."

Enjoy your weekends.



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