Two In A Row!

That's right! Tim's posting two nights in a row!

I'm tired from work today. All day today and yesterday I've been redoing the floors at work. 4 rooms total. I stripped them all with chemicals, and then used the big scrubbing machine (kinda like a buffer) to continue stripping, then clean and wax them with 3 coats. Put that together with the endless shoveling of snow, and I'm worn out. TGIF tomorrow!

Well Alanna's with her friends tonight watching "Friends." I will probably play guitar for awhile, maybe record some riffs I came up with. It's fun to get out the bass and drum machine to make short songs. I don't sing though! But if singing in the car along with a loud radio is any indication of my voice, then I'm an American Idol! Ha!

Here's a pic of Jingles in his new bed. Cute, huh?

Here I am ecstatic about the snow on Saturday morning. That's five inches. After shoveling that, we got about four more inches later on that I shoveled. Then I woke up Superbowl Sunday to shovel three more! Speaking of the big game, we had a good time with Sue and Angie watching at our place. Here's Angie explaining the Panther's defense to Phoebe. Phoebe bet on New England and won!

Well time to get out George Foreman for dinner. Bye!



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