Jingles update

It's been a week since Jingles was declawed and neutered. We had been keeping him in our office during the night so he wouldn't get into trouble with the other kitties. Last night we let him out of his room overnight thinking it had been a week and he was healing nicely so he should be okay. Of course, in less than 12 hours he manages to tear open one of his incisions. I take him to the vet this morning so they can look at it and tell me what to do and they give me a stronger antibiotic (just when he thought he was done with the icky medicine), bandage his paw and send him home with one of these on. Now he has to be sequestered at night again for 4-5 days and we have to rinse his paw with this solution (like we did for phoebe cuz she had the same thing happen) till he's healed. Needless to say, we've got our work cut out for us!


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