I know, it's been awhile since I've posted. Tim knows how to post too, so let him know that you want to hear his perspective! My dad went in for his second, and final, hip replacement surgery this past Tuesday and he's on his way home today. There weren't any complications this time so his recovery should be quick and smooth. Keep him in your prayers!

Things have been really busy since the semester started. My CFS classes are much more demanding this time. I'm taking Research Methods, Child Development Theory and Family Systems Therapy. I've also taken on a few more responsibilities with SU's chapter of the National Council on Family Relations (i.e. bulletin board updating with Angie and selling flowers and candy for a V-Day fundraiser). I am trying to narrow down my thesis topic this semester so that I can focus on my thesis proposal this summer and next Fall. SU is very research-oriented and I had been fighting that reality tooth and nail last semester but have come to realize that I'm going to have to do research if I want a Master's from this university.

Last weekend my friend Sue took me, Angie and Mandy to her condo in Ludlow, VT for some wintertime fun. However, it was freezing and we mostly sat around the fireplace and played games with her parents and drank. We did hit a local bar on Friday night and the girls had fun with the local boys and were able to see what small-town local life is like in a ski town.

I have some cute kitty pics of Maddie, Jingles and all three of them together. Tim has been busy playing Nintendo on his computer and working on recording.

Last night we discovered "Happy Hour at the Sheraton" thanks to Sue! From 5-7pm on Fridays you can have free pizza and wings with pitcher specials and $3 cranberry and vodkas! (I think we've found our Friday evening activities for the rest of the semester) We had a blast and then came back to our place to play Cranium and darts.

We are getting pounded with snow again so Tim is about to go shovel and brave the weather to do laundry. Man, I love this guy! I have lots of homework to do this weekend and hopefully, we'll have a chance to go see a movie at the $1.50 theatre. I start teaching human sexuality discussion groups again on Monday so I have to prepare for that as well. I love teaching these groups but it always makes me a little nervous in the beginning because you don't know what kind of students you are going to have in each group. Last semester I had to deal with one group who only wanted to play games and not really discuss and my other group only wanted to discuss and not play games!

Have a great weekend everyone and we'll try to post more often!


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