Birthday Fun!

Last night marked the start of Spring break for us and we did that with a birthday party for Sue! It was lots of fun...we had food, pinata fun, and cupcakes! Here are the pictures to prove it. Enjoy!

Tim having fun with the party decorations.

Mandy and T enjoying the festivities.

Angie, Sean and Claire trying to figure out how to hang Sponge Bob.

"Drunk Tim" poppin' a squat along the wall.

Sean sewed Sue a half-bunny, half-kitty for her birthday! She's always said that it would be the cutest animal if it really existed. We were impressed with Sean's sewing abilities.

Joel and Claire inspect Sponge Bob before we begin.

Claire takes a swing at the pinata.

Sue gets a little crazy with Sponge Bob's legs!

Claire and Adam take a peek inside Sponge Bob to see the good stuff that's just waiting to come out!

What is Angie doing with that bat?!

Tom, Sean and Sue diving for candy!

The birthday girl says, "I love candy!"

Stephanie makes sure we get all the candy out of Sponge Bob.

Sean takes out some agression on poor Sponge Bob.

Mandy looks tuckered out from all the fun!

Tim has a tough time dealing with Sponge Bob's demise.

Look at Angie with all her loot.

The birthday cupcakes I made for Sue.


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