Finally Done!

It's finally over, the second semester of grad school that is. I know it's been awhile since I've posted. This semester was a lot tougher than last semester and I'm looking forward to a little break until Maymester classes start on May 10th. I have a two week course on Family Life Education from May 10-21st, then Tim and I are taking a little weekend trip to Niagara Falls, then I have a one week course on Quality Infant Caregiving in June, then in July I will do 42 hours of infant interaction at a daycare here in Syracuse. In between all of that, I would like to volunteer this summer and work on research and my thesis, as well as finally work on my scrapbooking! In July, Tim and I will be heading back to MI for a much needed vacation. We will also be heading to CO during that trip for Julie's wedding!

Yesterday I found out that I will have funding for all of my classes next year and I will be working with the undergrad human sexuality class again, which I loved working with this year! The professor is amazing and I get to develop my own discussion schedule with two groups of students again. I also found out that I was awared a $700 summer fellowship for this summer ( I was one of 2 students who received this)! That will definitely help out with summer school costs. All in all, things are moving right along and I am still on track to graduate in May of 2005.

I thought I would throw in some kitty pics since we haven't done that in awhile! Here are Phoebe and Jingles snuggling, the little rascals playing, Tim and Jingles, and all three in a rare moment.

That's all for now. I'll be sure to update more often this summer!


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