Hockey Playoffs!

Tonight, the NHL Playoffs began. The mighty Detroit Red Wings are facing the Nashville Predators in the first round. I love to watch the Wings in the playoffs. Unfortunately, we do not have cable, and I can't really justify getting it just for the games. Well I can...but I won't. But God loves me! We happen to get ESPN by a stroke of luck!. The sound is all fuzzy and it comes up in black and white, but pretty clear. And I can listen to the broadcast on the internet. God loves me. However, He has a sense of humor too. Because the net broadcast is about 35 seconds behind the action on ESPN. In addition, the Predators scored 16 seconds into the game, then nothing for the rest of two periods. Then at second intermission I go to pick Alanna up at class. When I get back, there's 1:32 left in the game, and the Wings have scored 3 times. Ha, Ha very funny. The jokes on me I see. At least the Red Wings won Game 1. I predict another Stanley Cup for the Wings. Game 2 is Saturday. Let's Go Wings!!



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