Spring Time!

Hi Folks!

Ahh! The signs of spring: blue skies, sunny days, flowers budding, and our neighbor's underwear hanging outside our house. Isn't that lovely? They love to "air their laundry" outside when it gets warm. It's too bad our houses are so close together. That's our bedroom behind those undies. Thank God our windows are on the other sides of the room! This is what the rest of their laundry looks like outside. Our house is on the right while theirs is just out of the pic on the left. (By the way, that kitty in the corner is one of Jingle's siblings). The neighbors do their laundry in OUR basement. OK, it's the whole household's basement. The access is one of those storm-cellar-type doors that you see just above ground. Apparently they've been doing laundry down there for years. Only one other person in the whole house does his laundry down there, and that's probably because he doesn't have a car. The rest of us go to the laundromat and use a decent machine that holds more than four garments. Besides, it's almost like "Silence of the Lambs" down there. Anyway, I bet our neighbors never thought their undergarments would be on the internet! I hope they don't have a computer. (I'm sure they don't).
I hope this post inspires you all to have a lovely spring, or at least get you to do your wash.


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