Delayed News

Ok, I thought I would finally post our pics of the big snowstorm, even though it is old news. Here is how our backyard looked as we started to shovel it midway through the storm. I'm taking a break to snap the photos. Tim demonstrates how tired he is.

I also have a new haircut and color. I decided to cut it off after Christmas.

We bought a new kitty toy last weekend, specifically for Phoebe because she loves to hide in anything that has an opening and is on the ground. So, while she was playing we took some photos of the other two rascals. Tim and Jingles. A cute pic of Maddie.

In other news, it's Valentine's Day! We are going out to Outback with a gift certificate that we received from Tim's mom for Christmas. School is going well. My groups started and my first program meeting is next Monday! I can't believe how time is flying by. Tim's working on job hunting. We're starting to think about collecting boxes for the move and what we could pack up now and not miss. Oh! We found a mouse today in one of our kitchen drawers. We had some old mouse traps in a drawer and the cats kept going over to that corner of the kitchen so Tim opened the drawer and there it was in the trap. It's one of those humane traps that doesn't kill them it just catches them. So, Tim threw it outside in the neighbors yard :) I haven't thought about those traps in almost a year. I guess the peanut butter that was in it still smelled yummy to the mouse!


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