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I have a new movie review for ya today. No, it's not "Matrix Revolutions." I know I keep saying I'll review it, but you really don't care do you? What am I saying? Of course you do! Anyway, last night was a Blockbuster night, so read on for today's installment.

Movie: Love Actually
Starring: Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Colin Firth
Run Time: 135 minutes (yikes!)
Review on All Movie dot com: 3 stars out of 5
My Review: About the same

A two hour plus chick flick?! Luckily it was an alright movie. There were some funny moments here and there. It was too long though. But I guess it had to be to fit in the love lives of many different people.
Our story takes place in England, where the love lives of many different people are followed. Seemingly, they each have nothing to do with each other, until later on. We find Hugh Grant as England's Prime Minister, who falls for a catering staff member. He is the brother of Emma Thompson, who finds her husband Alan Rickman ("Die Hard's" bad guy Hans Gruber) may be having an affair with his secretary. Meanwhile, her friend or another brother or whatever (they don't really say) Liam Neeson is trying to get over his deceased wife, while trying to help his 10 year old step-son with an american girl classmate he loves, before she moves back to the states. Then there's writer Colin Firth, who finds out his wife has been fooling around with his brother. He gets divorced, and soons falls for a housekeeper temp, who speaks only Spanish and no English. Of course he speaks no Spanish. Do you think it will work out? Then there's two soft core porn stars who simulate there scenes, but have lots to talk about, and maybe something can develop from that. Oh, then there's another of Hans Gruber's employees who's in love with another employee, but she's too shy to say anything to him. Plus she has a brother that is in some kind of institution or hospital, and he calls her all the time on her cell. It makes it difficult for her to have any life. Whew! I think that's it!
So this was an OK movie, as I stated before. I found my self wanting to know what happens to all the would-be couples, and how they all link together. Guys, your significant others will love you for renting this movie. You can pretend it was your choice. The main drawback was that it was too long, and started to get a little boring before we find out how all the couples end up, if in fact they do end up. But at least it had Hans Gruber from the greatest movie ever, even though his character is way different than the Die Hard counterpart.

Coming possibly later today: No, not Matrix 3, but Kill Bill Vol. 1. Rush back to this site!



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