Candy toothpaste?

My first program session was last night and it was sort of a flop. I say sort of because the one guy who did show up talked to us for an hour and had some interesting insights. However, he didn't have any grandchildren. He was there to listen to the material so he could report back to his work and maybe help out the population that he works with. He works for Vincent House, which is a division of Catholic Charities that works with the Latino population. Unfortunately, we have a big language barrier between us and that population. We've decided that maybe we could work with the Spanish Action League to help translate my materials and maybe they could host a program for him. Not having any grandparents show up leads to no data. So, I was not thrilled. I had three other people signed up for the program but they didn't show. We've decided we need to try some different recruiting techniques for the April program. I am scheduled to run the second part of the program next Monday, but I don't know if I should bother because it's not likely that anyone will show up. Ugh. It's really frustrating because I've been working on this for months. It's also frustrating because according to the 2000 Census, 42.2% of grandparents in Onondaga County who live with grandchildren under the age of 18 are primary caregivers to those children. So, I know that these grandparents are out there. How do I reach them is the question?

On an unrelated note, Tim and I have been using the Crest Cinnamon toothpaste and I'm not sure I like it. It feels like I'm brushing my teeth with smushed up cinnamon hearts! It just seems wrong to be brushing your teeth with something that tastes like candy.


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