Birthday Weekend

Friday, Tim and I went with Mandy and T to see "King Arthur" at the dollar theatre. We all thought it was pretty good. I noticed that it didn't stay in the big theatre too long so I was worried that it would suck. Tim and I both love the medieval or time period movies.

Saturday was my birthday and Tim decided to make me dinner. He went out early and bought the ingredients. It was a crappy, rainy day out so he didn't get the Saturn washed as he usually does on Saturdays (so he can get his free donut!). Later that afternoon we went to the movies to see "Collateral". We both thought that was pretty good as well. We came home and Tim prepared this lovely feast! He had made the coleslaw earlier in the day. The meal was fantastic and it was adapted from a few Weight Watchers cookbooks I have. Tim also bought us a little ice cream cake from Carvel made with fat free ice cream and it was delish! I had been wanting one of these for a year! I can't remember the last time I had an ice cream cake for my birthday. I've typed the recipes for our meal in case anyone is interested. If you try it, let us know how it went!

Sunday we got up late and went biking for awhile. It was a gorgeous day out! We later met my friends Mandy and Angie and a new girl in our program, Kim, for a drink at the Sheraton. It was fun and it was great to see Angie again as we haven't seen her since June!

Tim has been sick for the past week and lucky me is sick now too. I didn't want to be sick this week since I have to cram in some last minute daycare hours and really get crankin' on my proposal. School starts next Monday and I'm not looking forward to it.


Time for another vacation

Ok, so this one is just a mini-vacation, but it gets us out of Syracuse for a weekend! Tim and I leave tomorrow to visit our friends Laura and Keith in the great city of Boston. We are seeing Sarah McLachlan on Saturday and then we'll head home on Sunday. We can't wait to hear all about Keith's proposal to Laura! Congratulations you two lovebirds! :)

Today I made Tim some birthday cupcakes since his birthday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday Timmy! I met with my advisor this week and began the initial phase of my master's project. He wants me to have a rough draft of my proposal by the end of September so that I can do my presentation by mid-October! Yikes! I guess I better get to work, eh? If all goes as planned, I should be defending my thesis by mid-February. As Tim says, 'whatever gets us closer to being out of the 'Cuse'!

That's all for now. Mom, if you're reading this I promise next week I will post some pics of the new kitchen! Oh, and here's a cutie pic of Tim and I from the wedding.



Vacation Details!

Hi Everybody!

We recently got back from our trip out to Michigan and Colorado. Alanna and I packed up the Saturn to drive home on Saturday July 24th. We spent a few days there visiting our families. We got to have a BBQ with Alanna’s parents and sister Regis on Saturday after we arrived. Sunday, we went out to lunch with my Uncle Chris and his family, and my brother Matt, to Zukey’s. Sunday night we had dinner at my mom’s and Mike’s new log cabin home, with my grandparents. The house is really beautiful. It was our first time seeing it since it was finished and they moved in. Monday we hit the Chinese Delight in Howell, which was one of the restaurants I was looking forward to visiting. I had my favorite: Mandarin Spicy Chicken, while Alanna had the Sweet & Sour Chicken. We kind of bummed around Howell and Brighton the rest of the day, and I went to hit a bucket of golf balls, in preparation for golfing the next day with Alanna’s dad. For dinner, we went to Lu & Carl’s in Brighton. Then Alanna’s dad and I showed Alanna and her mom how to play poker, more specifically, Texas Hold ‘Em. Dan The Man was usually the big winner when we played, although newbie Alanna was victorious once, as was I. Tuesday Alanna’s dad and I were supposed to go golfing, but it rained all day. The four of us ended up going to Best Buy to get a new printer for the Curry’s. Then we met Alanna’s sister Regis and her husband Kola at Mongolian BBQ for a late lunch. Then we all went to see The Bourne Supremacy, which was pretty good.
Wednesday, Alanna and I flew out to Colorado, on the same flight as Kevin and Monica, for Julie and Matt’s wedding. We rented a white Saturn S-series car. Here’s a pic of a similar car. The car had squeaky brakes, tires squealed when we turned, and the RPMs shot up about 2000 when you touch the gas pedal. But the car got us up 2 mountains and served us well. Thus, Kevin nicknamed it “White Lightning.” Way to go White Lightning! Well we found our hotel and a Chili’s to eat lunch, then crashed in our rooms for a few hours. Then we drove to Julie’s and Matt’s house to start the respective bachelor/ bachelorette parties. The girls had fun, so I’m told. The guy’s had a great time with a pub crawl, and due to the laws of men, no details shall be given. OK, we got drunk.
Thursday Keith& Laura arrived, and we went to lunch with them and Kevin and Monica, at Applebee’s. The six of us then went to Colorado Springs to visit the Cave of the Winds. We did the 45 minute tour and saw stalactites and stalagmites (who among you knows which is which?). Here's a pic showing both. Check out the view from outside the mountain. That's Keith on the right.
Next we went to Julie and Matt’s for a taco bar from Qdoba. Delicious!
Friday was the rehearsal starting at the reverend’s house. We passed her house and had to turn around down the road. But it was fate. Check out what we saw in the middle of Colorado Avalanche country. Ha! Ha!
After the rehearsal, we went to Matt’s dad’s place in the mountains, and had a nice luncheon. Then we went back to chill at the hotel, and later about 17 of us went to Old Chicago for a nice dinner. Alanna and I ended up later walking to the Outback (from the hotel) with Keith and Laura, for dessert and drinks.
Saturday was the big day for Matt and Julie. The girls got up early to get their hair done, while Guitarmasters Tim, Kevin, and Keith browsed a few music stores for a few hours. The three of us had a good lunch at this place called The Sink, where people can write on the ceiling and sign their names and stuff.
The wedding took place outside, and we were fortunate to have the weather cooperate. This is a nice view of the mountains at the ceremony site. Kevin and I had a running joke about how scary it would be if Godzilla appeared behind those mountains. When we got home from vacation, I promptly tried to learn to play the song "Godzilla" by the Blue Oyster Cult. Anyway, here's the happy couple as husband and wife for the first time. It was a very nice ceremony and reception. We all had a lot to drink…er… I mean a lot of fun! Here’s some nice pics from the night.

Kids, this is what liquor makes you do. Guitar Tim It was AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long". Who among us can resist playing air guitar to that even sober?

Matt & Julie's first dance.

The married couples dance.

Congratulations to Matt and Julie!

After the wedding, about ten of us decided to walk from the hotel to McDonald’s across the street, and to the store for beer. Alanna, myself, Larry, and Julie’s sister Veronica went to Mickie D’s for ten double cheeseburgers and ten fries for the group. Larry got a call from Ryan, and wandered off to talk to him, then got stuck on the light post! Alanna got a great shot of that. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang came back with alcohol and two Domino’s pizzas. We went back to the hotel courtyard to continue the night.
Sunday, we met the newlyweds, along with Jen and Julia, at this cool little Mexican restaurant, The Armadillo, for lunch. Then Alanna and I had a flight back to Michigan, which arrived 8:45 Michigan time.
Monday, Dan and I finally got in our golf game at The Jackyl at Mt. Brighton. We played 18 holes, and I shot about a 56 and 57. Not too bad for the first round of the year. Later, we went to Zukey’s for dinner, and ended the night with some more Texas Hold ‘Em.
We drove back to Syracuse on Tuesday, and thus the depression comes back. Kidding!

Well I hoped you enjoyed this “short” version of our vacation. Bye!