Not this month :(

Today was my Day 12 ultrasound. When you take Clomid you have to have an ultrasound around Day 12 so that they can see if your ovaries are going to produce an egg to be fertilized. Well, for me that is not going to happen this month. The doc said she didn't see any "dominant follicles". Meaning, there wasn't a dominant egg ready to be released. So, it's back to the drawing board. I will try 100mg of Clomid next month and I'll have another ultrasound to see if that dosage will work.

I was a little sad with the news. She reassured me that many couples do not get pregnant their first month on Clomid. But, it was still a bummer to hear that it wouldn't happen. It makes me wonder if all those years of birth control dilligence was even neccessary! Also, it's not great to hear your body doesn't work properly. It's hard to think that I always thought I would just be able to have a child whenever I wanted and now that is not the case.

I guess this is going to be a process for Tim and I. Please keep us in your prayers. We love and miss all of you!


Trying to conceive!

Yes, Tim and I are actively trying to conceive! We have been off the BC pills for a year now yet still no baby. Last month I visited my Gyn and told her that we were really ready this time to seriously try to conceive. We had talked about the use of Clomid (a fertility drug) last winter but at that point we were still not 100% sure we wanted to have a baby at that point in our lives. Needless to say, we decided about a month ago that we were really ready now and wanted to try all that we could to have a baby!

Some background (beware this post may be a little graphic!) on my situation. I do not ovulate on my own. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and I have numerous ovarian cysts which hinder my ovulation. I have been taking Provera for almost a year now every 3 months to induce a period. Even though the drug forces a period I still do not ovulate, hence, our inability to become pregnant.

I am a little concerned about becoming pregnant while still overweight however, it is more important to us to try to have a baby while we are still young and before I may not be able to become pregnant. We are not even sure that using Clomid will help us get pregnant. This is all still trial and error. I am still actively losing weight and will continue to do so until I become pregnant. I've lost 9lbs so far! I am still trying to lose weight that was gained after our move back here to MI from NY. Ugh!

So, today marks cycle day 7 and Day 3 of being on Clomid. Tonight also marks the first night we can DTD and will do so every other day for a week. Next Friday, cycle day 12, I have an ultrasound scheduled to see if the dosage of Clomid was appropriate, etc. Wish us luck!! We are really praying that we can conceive within 6 cycles of Clomid. Otherwise, it will be time to try something else.



Well, preschool is back into full swing. Yay. Yes, I'm as thrilled as you may think. I need to find a new job. Bought the new John Mayer today. It's okay. Kinda mellow. As for the news that this post suggests: My parents are moving to Chicago! I am happy that my dad found a job but I'm upset that they will be leaving us here. I want to go too! Lot's of changes going on here. My sister is separating from her husband and she will be living in my parents 'old' house :( Tim and I will start looking for a house soon with the possibility of my sister moving in with us to help out with the mortgage/bills.

I hope everyone else out there is doing great! I miss all of you and think of you often!