Baby-making update

Well, month 2 of the Clomid didn't work so we tried again and this time it looks great as far as eggs are concerned!! So, we are doing all we can now to try to make this be the egg! Tim went with me to this last appointment (because he's on vacation) and I told him he must be the good luck charm. It was so thrilling to see the huge egg I had on the ultrasound! Your egg is supposed to measure at least 18mm on the screen and mine was 30mm! It was great to see that the medicine was working! So, if we don't get pregnant this time, we can try again 3 more times with the Clomid. Now that we know that this is the right dosage I don't have to go back for another ultrasound. We are excited so please keep us in your prayers!

Not much else is going on here. We had a nice Christmas with both of our families. Tim is on vacation and goes back to work on Jan. 2 I, however, am not on vacation! I am looking for a new job (as always). The mental and emotional stress of my job is really getting to me and I feel like most days I just want to curl up in a hole. I have been sick since Thanksgiving and that is wearing on me as well. Another reason why I need to leave my job. My boss seems to have it in for me as well so that is not fun to have to go to work and deal with.

My parents are renting a townhouse in Chicago and my dad is out there now with my mom moving out there for good by the end of Feb. My sister is living in an apartment in Grand Blanc and struggling out there on her own.

Tim and I did get good news as far as our living situation goes. We are moving into Tim's grandparents' house by March. This will save us a lot of money and allow us to pay off some of our bills. Tim's mom said we can stay there till they are ready to sell it and noone knows when that will be.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and get ready for 2007!!