We're Still Alive!

Hi Folks! It's been a couple weeks since our last post but I assure you, we're still alive...and well.

Alanna started the new school year this past week. She only has one class, but it looks like she'll be very busy. She also has the class that she's the teaching assistant for, and that means running discussion groups, holding office hours, and grading papers. Not to mention that Alanna has a thesis to work on for her masters. Looks like there will be limited Timmy Time. Oh well, I have plenty to keep me busy. I have to step up and run the house to make sure Alanna has sufficient work/study time. I'll be doing the bulk of the cooking (well, me or Subway or Pizza Hut, or ...), and making sure I pay the bills, and keeping the house clean. Since Tuesday night I've thoroghly cleaned 4 rooms of the house. I'm talking spring cleanin' in the fall. Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. By the way, for those who haven't seen our new kitchen that's now 6 months old, here it is.

Last night we watched The Butterfly Effect with Mr. Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher. We liked it. It was a pretty good flick. That's a quick, new movie review for you. We also continued our game of Texas Hold 'Em that we started Friday night. We still have to conclude it, probably tonight.

Today I decided to work on getting the snowblower running before the winter. Mom and Dad Curry were nice enough to give us theirs when we went back to Michigan in July. Well I put a new spark plug in, and some new gas and oil, and voila, it's now running. Bring on the snow! Er...in about 3 months that is.

I have been put in charge of finding at least one new recipe per week for Alanna and I to try. For her birthday, I made the kabobs that we posted pics of. Last weekend we had "Carribean-style Chicken" which had a Jamaican Jerk marinade. Tonight, I made crispy sesame shrimp. It was delicious. Alanna has some Weight Watchers books and magazines that have tons of good recipes in them. I'm starting to really like cooking new things. This means I can make and eat whatever I want. Mwah Ha Ha!

Alanna just finished making dessert: cupcakes! She has a low-fat way to make those too. The frosting is fat-free, sugar-free chocolate pudding mixed with fat-free cool whip! Alanna just brought the bowl in for me to lick. Mom, does this bring back memories of when I was a kid? Actually, I probably did this until the day I moved out on my own around 24. Obviously I'm still a kid at heart. Memories.

Well the weekend is about over. I think it's time for another vacation! I'll leave you with a pic of Jingles in a box. Our cats love boxes. I think once we get a bigger place, I'll duct tape a bunch of them together (the boxes, not cats) and make cut outs for them to have a kitty house. They'll love it. Especially Phoebe. Enjoy the coming week, and hold on until Friday!