WW Tip #112

I thought I would share a Weight Watcher tip that I've learned via my friend Mandy. If you mix a little dollup of cool whip free with yogurt or pudding it makes a nice fluffy treat! I am not a yogurt fan or pudding fan but this makes it enjoyable for me to eat and get my dairy in. I also mix fat free sugar free pudding mix (made) with cool whip as frosting for cupcakes or a cake. And, my new fave treat is the Dannon Light 'n Fit with fiber yogurt (1 point) with some cool whip!


New Job!

I have a new job! Yay! I didn't get the job working for Head Start, but I will be working with children. I am going to work at School Bell Learning Center in Brighton. I will start with the infants and toddlers and then hopefully move up to a position as a preschool teacher! I have not really worked with children before so I'm excited to get some experience. It seems that my lack of job experience with young children has hindered my job search thus far. Maybe eventually I can apply for a director position somewhere or something else more administrative with children.

We have not been up to much this summer. We went up to Houghton Lake again a few weeks ago. It's nice to get some time away from everything. Tim still has not posted about his job. Hopefully, I can get him to post soon. The weather is finally decent! I hate the hot summer weather and today was a high of 76 which was perfect for me.

On a side note...I recently picked up a copy of "Vanity Fair" and was reading the article about Martha Stewart and damn, she's lookin' good for 64 years of age! I guess prison agreed with her :) Even Tim was like 'wow she's hot'. Anyway, the mag is also a great read and I think I am going to get a subscription. I like their take on current events and politics.

So, wish me luck on working with the little kiddies! I'm sure I am going to be bushed every night for awhile. Hope all is well with everyone and hopefully we'll see a few of you guys in August in Berkley!