Halloween, a broken hand and Milo

Tim and I went to a Halloween party on October 27th and we had lots of fun. I was a she-devil and Tim was a Gangster a la Al Capone days.

At said party, I fell and broke my hand. However, I did not spill my drink that was in my right hand! I went to CVS and bought a thumb brace because I reallly didn't think I broke it. So, Sunday we went to our first puppy class and on Monday I went to work. My boss and coworker convinced me to go to urgent care to get an xray and sure enough, it was broken!! There were two bone chip fractures that were floating near my thumb joint so they sent me to an orthopedic surgeon and now I'm in a cast for a month. They said I will need PT after as well. I suddenly had a flashback to 2000 and Jeff Jerkway (all my CMU peeps will appreciate that reference)!

Milo is getting bigger! He is in puppy class now at PetSmart and he is doing well. Although, he is definitely the most eager of the puppies in the class. He barely sits still the whole time we're there!