Musings on Month 4

Well, try 3 on Clomid didn't work so we are currently on try 4. We should know within a week whether this try worked or not. We are trying not to get too depressed. I've been feeling very down about it lately because we have been trying to conceive for 15 months now with no results. If this try doesn't work we have two more months on Clomid and then we'll have to go another route. A parent at work gave me a website today that I have looked into and it seems like it will be helpful. It's called Fertility Friend. I have already been charting my temps on my own but I can plug them into this site and maybe get more info about what's going on with my cycle. I see the doc again on Feb. 22 and I am going to ask her about upping my Clomid dosage if this month is unsuccessful. I have read that people who have upped their dosage get pregnant quickly.

I tell you, this has all been such an educational experience for us. I have to say that I love Tim more and more each day. He has been such a support throughout all of this and he never pressures me or gets upset over our situation. We pray everyday that we will be blessed with a baby but we know that we will conceive when the time is right.