Finally Done!

It's finally over, the second semester of grad school that is. I know it's been awhile since I've posted. This semester was a lot tougher than last semester and I'm looking forward to a little break until Maymester classes start on May 10th. I have a two week course on Family Life Education from May 10-21st, then Tim and I are taking a little weekend trip to Niagara Falls, then I have a one week course on Quality Infant Caregiving in June, then in July I will do 42 hours of infant interaction at a daycare here in Syracuse. In between all of that, I would like to volunteer this summer and work on research and my thesis, as well as finally work on my scrapbooking! In July, Tim and I will be heading back to MI for a much needed vacation. We will also be heading to CO during that trip for Julie's wedding!

Yesterday I found out that I will have funding for all of my classes next year and I will be working with the undergrad human sexuality class again, which I loved working with this year! The professor is amazing and I get to develop my own discussion schedule with two groups of students again. I also found out that I was awared a $700 summer fellowship for this summer ( I was one of 2 students who received this)! That will definitely help out with summer school costs. All in all, things are moving right along and I am still on track to graduate in May of 2005.

I thought I would throw in some kitty pics since we haven't done that in awhile! Here are Phoebe and Jingles snuggling, the little rascals playing, Tim and Jingles, and all three in a rare moment.

That's all for now. I'll be sure to update more often this summer!


Wings Win! Wings Win!

The Red Wings of Detroit had a mighty battle against the Flames of Calgary. They won 5-2. I guess they all read my movie review last night, and got the subtle hints. Calgary got 2 late goals, but we all know the Wings already had victory locked, so they loosened up their game. But they got the power play cookin' again. Back to Calgary for game three, where hopefully Detroit will silence the Flames' fans.



Blockbuster Night

Hello movie fans!

Tonight, Alanna and I rented a movie to watch. I shall review it for your entertainment now.

Movie: Win A Date With Tad Hamilton
Starring: Topher Grace, Kate Bosworth, Josh Duhamel, Nathan Lane, Sean Hayes
Run Time: 96 minutes
Rating on All Movie dot com: 2 1/2 stars out of 5
My Rating: 3 stars out of 5

This was a nice little movie to watch with my wife on a Friday night. We got some good laughs, and it was a wholesome, heart warming story. (Did I just write that?) The movie wasn't hilarious, but we got some good chuckles out of it. Our story is about a famous actor, Josh Duhamel as Tad, who needs to get some wholesomeness back into his image. So his manager (Sean Hayes, or Jack from "Will & Grace") and agent Nathan Lane devise a contest for a lucky girl to win a date with Tad Hamilton, hence the name of the movie. Well Rosalie Futch (Kate Bosworth) wins the date. She's a small town girl from Frasier's Bottom West Virginia, who works at a Piggly Wiggly with her two best friends Cathy Freely and Eric Forman. OK, it's actually Pete, played by Topher Grace who plays Eric Forman on "That 70's Show." Just thought I'd clarify that. Although, Topher's character is remarkably like his Forman character. Anyway, Pete's in love with Rosalie, but has to compete with Tad, who is taking a liking to Rosalie himself. He decides to move to the town, and have some of Rosalie's goodness rub off on him. He plays the old "let's be just friends" line until they play tonsil hockey like the Red Wings losing to Calgary last night in round two off the playoffs. I'm not happy about that. It was in overtime. Um...I'm getting off track a little bit. OK where was I? Eric Forman finds that it may be a little too late to show his true feelings to Rosalie, especially since she agrees to go to Hollywood for Tad's new movie shoot. I'll let ya'll see the flick to find out what happens.
There's a nice little part in this movie with the boss from "Office Space" as Rosalie's dad. It's funny how he tries to impress Tad, especially with his slick haircut, chocolate martini's, and Project Greenlight t-shirt.
All in all this was a pretty good rental movie. There's a cool gag reel to watch on the DVD.
I'm still bummed about the Red Wings. Maybe they'll win tomorrow.


Still coming soon: Matrix Revolutions, starring Bill S. Preston, Esquire. (He'll never NOT be that character to me.)


Tim's First Album Review!

Hi Everybody!

Yesterday I won a radio contest, playing "My Three Songs." You have to guess what the common connection is between the 3, and be the first caller with the correct answer. Yesterday was my third time winning, fourth over all winning something from that station. So far I've won a free coffee mug and free coffee for a year, two movie passes to "Paycheck", a 30-day trial to a fitness center, and yesterday I won the new Aerosmith CD, "Honkin' On Bobo". So I thought, "What a perfect chance to do Tim's First Album Review! Here goes!

Album: Aerosmith - Honkin' On Bobo
Rating on All Music dot com: 4 stars out of 5
My Rating: 3 1/2 stars out of 5

For those of you who don't know, this is a mostly blues cover album, with only one original. Aerosmith have been talking about doing a blues album for years, and here it is. This album actually rocks quite a bit, as aerosmith have put thier own spin on many blues standards. They don't do any carbon copies. My personal fave on this platter is "Roadrunner" by Ellis McDaniel, aka Bo Diddley. This is the most energetic the 'smiths have sounded in years. In fact, they sound inspired and appear to be having a great time throughout the disc. There are a few slower songs, but no really cheesy ballads that have made appearances on the 1990's/200's releases from them. There's some really cool playing, with slide guitar and harmonica and hurdy gurdy. The last song is kind of boring, but OK for a street type gig.
This CD is also a CD extra, with computer content on it. You'll need an internet connection though. So anyway, I like this album. The only downside is that it's the best Aerosmith album since 1991's "Pump." And it only has one original. Oh well, I hope you all enjoyed this review.



Retro Review: The Sequel

Hi everybody!

Since y'all loved my retro review on the movie "Fletch," I thought I'd review the sequel for you. I just finished watching it, so it's fresh in my mind. Enjoy!

Movie: Fletch Lives
Starring: Chevy Chase, Cleavon Little, Hal Holbrook, & a few other unknowns you've probably seen before.
Run Time: 95
Rating on All Movie dot com: 2 out of 5 stars
My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Chevy Chase reprises his role as Irwin M. "Fletch" Fletcher in this movie, four years after the original. Obviously, his character survived the first film, or there wouldn't be a sequel called "Fletch Lives." Anyway, this film is still pretty good, but unlike Diet Dr. Pepper, it's not as good as the original. But good enough.
Fletch learns that he inherited a Louisiana estate, Belle Isle, from an aunt that recently died. So he quits the newspaper and moves from L.A. to check it out. To bad the mansion is rundown, and "just needs a little spackle and some napalm" as Fletch puts it. Additionally, he finds out that an anonymous buyer is willing to pay $250K for the land. Of course Fletch wants to wait around, because maybe he'll get a better offer. Also, he finds out that someone is trying to scare him, and maybe even kill him for the land. So he does some investigating around. He initially suspects a TV evangelist, named Jimmy Farnsworth, who wants to open "Bible Land II", a bigger amusement park than the already existing "Bible Land." The fact that Fletch finds out the realtor is Jimmy Farnsworth's daughter (who goes by her mother's maiden name) makes him even more suspect. Could it be the Farnsworth Ministry would try to scare him off? He also finds someone is dumping toxic waste on the land. Could these be the culprits? Watch and find out!
In this flick, Fletch is up to his old tricks with disguises and fake names, and still playing on other people's ignorances. He has even more fun because all of the other character's are stereotypical southerners, obnoxious drawls in their voices, and the tendency to keep love in the family. For example: He pretends to be in the KKK (complete with sheet and pillow case with cut-out eye holes), and intros himself as Henry Himmler. Of course, none of the hick types get it. (Not to offend any southerners by saying hick, I'm just telling about the movie.) He also pretends his name is Victor Hugo, Billy Jean King, Peter Lemonjello, Elmer Fudd Gantry, and Nostradamus. His disguises are pretty good too. Sometimes, you really can't tell he's Chevy Chase. He always has the best (or worst, depending on your view) fake teeth.
Fletch's aunt had a handyman working around the house before she died, and Fletch retains his services. He's another stereotype, a black man who says to Fletch, "Your great grandparents owned my great grandparents." His name in the movie is Calculus Entropy. Fletch, hearing this, introduces himself as Geometry Fletch, and his Aunt's executer as Trigonometry Ross. But anyway, Fletch and Calculus become kind of friends, who try to figure out who's causing all the trouble down there at Belle Isle.
So now that I've given you a long winded version of the movie, go by the VHS. And as I said in my Retro Review for "Fletch", let's all sign a petition to get the sequel released on DVD.

As anybody who frequents this page knows, and it should be all of you, I've had a request to go see "The Whole Ten Yards" and write a review. However, I'm not reading or hearing anything good about it. But then again, that could mean it'll get 5 stars from me. But I've decided to wait for a rental, or for when it hits the $1.50 movie theater. But I promise if you all can wait, I'll see it first and write a good review. Because remember, I'm always "watching the good movies to enhance your entertainment, watching the bad movies so you don't have to."

Coming soon: "The Matrix Revolutions" which I'm sure a lot of you have already seen. We bought the DVD tonight to complete the trilogy, I just hope it's good enough to keep. Hopefully by next weekend I'll have a review up.



In Trouble

OK, I got in trouble for putting a down payment on The General Lee. Alanna specifically told me I was supposed to use our tax refund for a PRS. So I've ordered a PRS. What is a PRS? I'm glad you asked. It's one of these. It will be here soon.


A Heartfelt Goodbye

Today, we said goodbye to my car. My lease expired today, after three years together. Sniff. Well, I guess we are down to one car for awhile. At least until my down payment check clears for my new wheels. Don't tell Alanna, it's a surprise. She's always wanted a 1969 Charger. It's her dream car. I'll be driving it though. Hee Hee.

OK, well the 2nd period has already started in game 4 of the Red Wings vs. Predators. Time to go watch, until "24" on FOX. (Shameless plug.)



Spring Time!

Hi Folks!

Ahh! The signs of spring: blue skies, sunny days, flowers budding, and our neighbor's underwear hanging outside our house. Isn't that lovely? They love to "air their laundry" outside when it gets warm. It's too bad our houses are so close together. That's our bedroom behind those undies. Thank God our windows are on the other sides of the room! This is what the rest of their laundry looks like outside. Our house is on the right while theirs is just out of the pic on the left. (By the way, that kitty in the corner is one of Jingle's siblings). The neighbors do their laundry in OUR basement. OK, it's the whole household's basement. The access is one of those storm-cellar-type doors that you see just above ground. Apparently they've been doing laundry down there for years. Only one other person in the whole house does his laundry down there, and that's probably because he doesn't have a car. The rest of us go to the laundromat and use a decent machine that holds more than four garments. Besides, it's almost like "Silence of the Lambs" down there. Anyway, I bet our neighbors never thought their undergarments would be on the internet! I hope they don't have a computer. (I'm sure they don't).
I hope this post inspires you all to have a lovely spring, or at least get you to do your wash.


Hockey Playoffs!

Tonight, the NHL Playoffs began. The mighty Detroit Red Wings are facing the Nashville Predators in the first round. I love to watch the Wings in the playoffs. Unfortunately, we do not have cable, and I can't really justify getting it just for the games. Well I can...but I won't. But God loves me! We happen to get ESPN by a stroke of luck!. The sound is all fuzzy and it comes up in black and white, but pretty clear. And I can listen to the broadcast on the internet. God loves me. However, He has a sense of humor too. Because the net broadcast is about 35 seconds behind the action on ESPN. In addition, the Predators scored 16 seconds into the game, then nothing for the rest of two periods. Then at second intermission I go to pick Alanna up at class. When I get back, there's 1:32 left in the game, and the Wings have scored 3 times. Ha, Ha very funny. The jokes on me I see. At least the Red Wings won Game 1. I predict another Stanley Cup for the Wings. Game 2 is Saturday. Let's Go Wings!!




Hello all!
Here goes Tim's first Retro Review! Enjoy!

Movie: Fletch
Starring: Chevy Chase, Tim Matheson, Geena Davis
Run Time: 98 Hilarious minutes
Rating on All Movie dot com: 3 out of 5 stars
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (I know you all agree)

I love this movie! One of my all time favorites. I tell you, Chevy Chase ruled the mid 1980's.
Chevy is Irwin Fletcher, L.A. investigative newspaper reporter who writes a column under the name "Jane Doe."
In this masterpiece film, Fletch is trying to find out who is the mastermind running drugs on an L.A. beach, so he can do a story about it. He meets a random strange executive named Alan Stanwyk, who proposes Fletch kill him because he has cancer and wants to die in a way that will allow his family to get insurance money. Fletch is skeptical but plays along to see what's up. Meanwhile Fletch thinks cops are involved in the drugs, possibly overseen by the chief. He also finds that the police chief and Stanwyk know each other. Can this be a coincidence? I think not! Well Fletch does some more investigating, complete with hilarious disguises that cost about 50 cents, and a fake voice.
Fletch is just too darn funny. The best moments are when he exposes other people's ignorances by introducing himself as real life people. Example: When Alan Stanwyk introduces himself, Fletch says his name is Ted Nugent. Of course this rich executive has no idea who the guitar god is. Later, Fletch intros himself to other people as "Gordon Liddy," "Harry S. Truman," and "Don Corleone." This guy is a master of identities. One of the best scenes is where he jumps in a car with a kid who's trying to steal it, in order to flee the police. He pretends he's an EPA-type agent monitoring the exhaust on the little convertible sports car, saying the police are just an escort. OK, I swear you have to see it and not rely on my longwinded synopsis.
In short. BUY THIS DVD. Do not rent!! BUY IT!! You won't regret it. Oh, and I'm starting a petition to get the second part "Fletch Lives" released on DVD. Join me!! Maybe I'll review that in the next Retro Review.

OK peeps, I need to read some more feedback from y'all. Otherwise I make Alanna read them all and laugh for me.




Hello again! It's time for my review for "The Missing". I know I said I'd post it last night, but obviously I "missed" the chance to watch it. I hope you all didn't "miss" me too much. Ok enough of that, I'll get right to it.

Movie: The Missing
Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Cate Blanchett
Run Time: 137 minutes
Rating on All Movie dot com: 3 out of 5 stars
My Rating: about the same

All in all this was a pretty good movie. It's set in New Mexico in 1885. Tommy Lee Jones left his family years ago to become like an Apache Indian (Native American for the PC). Anyway before the movie takes place, he was bitten by a rattlesnake and was told to go take care of his family as part of the cure, I guess. Well his daughter is grown up and has 2 daughters of her own, dead husband. She has a boyfriend. Well, she wants nothing to do with her dad, so he leaves. Then her man and the ranch hand and her daughters take off to herd some cattle. Well one daughter is kidnapped, the other left behind, and the two guys...well you'll see. So Mr. Jones (that's Tommy's name in the movie too) learns of this and wants to help get the eldest daughter back. She, along with other girls, are kidnapped in order to be sold later. They're 'napped by Indians and a couple white men. The head guy is an Indian witch. Well Tommy and company trail them toward Mexico to get them back.

The movie is good, I liked it. Alanna thought it was alright but somewhat slow. I guess I see her point. But I enjoyed it. There are three alternate endings on the DVD. Being the good reviewer I am and trying to give you your money's worth, I watched all 3 alternates. That, I admit, was a waste of time, since they were just longer versions of each other. There were no different endings, such as aliens coming down to beam people up, so I was a little dissapointed. But oh well, now you know, movie lover.

Well I'm thinking about doing some retro reviews from my favorite flicks in the past. 80's flicks such as "Fletch" (one of my all time faves) or "Spaceballs". Let me know what you think. I need popular demand. Oh and let me know if you would like me to review something. I may do it, even without watching it. I'm that good. Maybe I'll start reviewing CDs too, just because I'm liking writing lately. But of course they'll all be kick ass Rock 'n' Roll discs.

In other news, today was a 10 hour day at work. The big wigs will be touring the motel tomorrow, and they'll let me know all of the little things I should do, such as wipe down bathroom ceilings or remove a spider web that housekeepers won't touch. I have to go in at 7:00 am, because they start at 7:30. So why am I still up typing this? I gots to go catch some zzzzz's.

"Watching the good movies to enhance your entertainment, watching the bad movies so you don't have to."


Hell(boy) of a Movie!

Greetings fellow movie lovers! T and I just watched "Hellboy" at the theater today. My review follows for your pleasure.

Movie: Aren't you paying attention? I just told you!
Starring: Ron Perlman, John Hurt, Selma Blair, Rupert Evans
Run Time: 125 minutes
Rating on All Movie dot com: 4 stars out of 5
My Rating: I concur!

This was a pretty darned good flick. It definitely exceeded any expectations I had. There was a pretty good story line, and lots of action and cool special effects, and a little humor too. Hellboy says enough one-liners to make "The Governator" proud, and to make James Bond raise his shaken-not-stirred martini glass in approval.
For those of you who don't know, Hellboy is actually one of the good guys, groomed for the last 60 years to fight evil. Of course 60 of our years are like 20 of his years. Anyway, back in WWII, the Nazis were trying to open this portal to let some evil into our world. The good guys tried to stop it, and were partly successful. The bad guys were brought back years later, but Hellboy as a baby somehow made it through, and was raised by this paranormal professor. Well the bad guys come back, trying to capture Hellboy and make him open the portal. That's the gist of it. It all makes for a wonderfully visual experience on the silver screen. (Bet ya didn't know I could write like that). This will probably be a great DVD when it comes out. I know I'll get it. If you like sci-fi action flicks, I recommend it to you. Enjoy.

Coming later tonight (if I'm not too tired to watch it): "The Missing"

"Watching the good movies to enhance your entertainment, watching the bad movies so you don't have to."


We Need Alanna

Hey everybody!
We should all let Alanna know we need her to do another post. It's been awhile since we heard from her.

The Critic Speaks Again

Well it's Friday night, and Alanna and I just finished watching another flick. Here's a quick review.

Movie: In The Cut
Starring: Meg Ryan, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kevin Bacon in a small role
Run Time: 118 minutes
Rating on All Movie dot com: 2 1/2 stars out of 5
My Rating: 1 1/2 stars out of 5

Boy, out of the four movies we rented last week this one was probably 2nd best, and that's not saying a whole lot. I was thinking a psychological thriller with suspense at every turn. There were no thrills. It was somewhat suspenseful and made you try to figure out the bad guy, but too slow a movie. Meg Ryan is a sexually frustrated English teacher/ writer, who gets involved with a homicide detective working on a murder case. One of the victims winds up outside her apartment, and that's how they meet. She knows/ thinks he is a lying, perverted cop, but intrigued all the same. In the movie she thinks him a suspect, an ex-lover (Kevin Bacon) and also one of her students with a John Wayne Gacy fixation. I feel I should let you all find out yourselves who the killer is, but I would also not subject this movie to you in good conscience to make you find out. Hmmm...what should I say?
Anyway Alanna and I couldn't wait to get through this. After what I thought was almost 2 hours I looked at the counter on the DVD player to find out we had 45 minutes left. Ouch. In summary, I can describe this movie in two words: Bore ring!

Coming Sunday: Hellboy. I'm going to see it with T, who is Alanna's friend Mandy's boyfriend, and our friend too. Anyway rush back to this site around 4:00 to see my review. It looks to be good, even though I know very little about the comic book character, except what I've read on the net lately.

Well tomorrow I'm going to work to paint the walls in one of the stairways. We are having some big-wigs from corporate come to inspect on Tuesday. I've been working since yesterday to tear down old wallpaper and patch the drywall. Tomorrow will be priming and hopefully painting. But I still have Monday to work on it.

OK I'm boring even myself now, so I'll bid you all adieu.