Tim's mom and her husband Mike visited us over Easter weekend. We had lots of fun! We ate at some great restaurants and we took them through the finger lakes wine region for wine tasting. In particular, we focused on the wineries of Cayuga Lake. We always love to go wine tasting!

We've been slowly starting to pack up our things. We move in less than 6 weeks now! I can't believe how fast our time here in Syracuse has gone by. It's wonderful now that the weather is getting nicer. Winter's in the 'Cuse are a real downer. Of course, the nice weather means car windows down and music blasting down our street, but it's a small price to pay for days filled with sunshine! And, the kids of the 'hood have begun to walk around with their ghetto blasters in hand.

Last weekend, I was invited to my college's awards ceremony to receive an award. I had no idea what award I was getting till I got there and found out that I was being awarded the Master's Award for Research Excellence! The description of the award is as follows: "Presented to the graduate student who has exhibited academic achievement, research practice and potential, and leadership qualities, as well as great potential for continued growth and contribution to the area of child and family studies, the college, and the University". Woohoo! Too bad I'm not staying here to pursue my Ph.D. I just don't think I could handle another 3 years here. This is a picture of my friend Mandy and I. You can't really see my award but it will make a nice bookshelf adornment. Oh, and I got home and opened up my envelope and there was a $100 gift certificate to the mall! Bonus!

So, this weekend is going to be beautiful and we will be spending most of it inside packing. We're busy the next two weekends, and there are only so few weekends left before we move so we have to take advantage of the time we have. The weekend of the 22nd we are going to visit NYC with my friend Mandy and we're going to see a broadway show, Avenue Q.

My classes are winding down, in fact, next week is my last week of leading discussion groups. I also run my program again April 18th and 25th. Then graduation! Yay! Time sure is flying by.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!