This weekend was a busy one for us! My parents were in town and we babysat for Tim's brother. I also got a call on Friday night from my friend Angie who lives in Midland, asking if she could spend the night with us on Sunday and Monday because she got a job at UofM Flint and had orientation in Ann Arbor for two days. So, we had a full house this weekend! We also managed to get in a movie and a pumpkin patch visit. Here are some pics:

Uncle Timmy and Stella

Auntie Alanna and Stella

Sleepy Stella with Uncle Timmy

And, one more cute Stella pic :)

Another Milo pic for good measure

Regis and I at the pumpkin patch


New Baby

We finally found the puppy we wanted! His name is Milo and he is a dapple colored Dachshund. He's a great puppy already and provides lots of enjoyment!