I've been learning a lot more about buying meat, produce, etc. from local farms and I think I found one near us that might be worth investigating. My first purchase from them will most likely be something simple but interesting to try: apple cider vinegar.

A coworker told me about a 'home remedy' for heartburn/acid indigestion that I am eager to try. She said that a friend of hers who had severe heartburn issues took 1 tablespoon of raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered apple cider vinegar every day for a while and he said his problems disappeared! He now only needs 1 tbsp every couple days or so. I am wanting to try this because within the last year or so I have developed major heartburn issues. I take a Pepcid almost twice a day every day. It seems that no matter what I eat or drink (even if it's nothing!) causes this heartburn. I am excited to maybe find something that is cheaper and more natural a remedy for this problem.

This farm has apple cider vinegar for sale and I hopefully will be able to get some soon. I am also eager to check out their farm and see what it might have to offer us for products this coming year. I am contemplating purchasing some Angus beef from them as well. I haven't talked to Tim about this yet, but I'm sure he won't disapprove! A membership to this farm is only a one time fee of $5!

The farm we are going to investigate is the Garden Patch Farm in Pinckney, MI.

I'll let you know how my experiment turns out!


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