Long time, no hear, eh?

Yes, I know it's been a very long time since you've heard from the Sredzinski's! About 4 months to be exact. Tim is still at the same job in Livonia. I am working at a daycare/preschool as an infant/toddler teacher and caregiver. The hours are long and the days are tough. Most days lately are a struggle for me mainly because we don't have enough staff and it's hard to keep new people. The staff is overworked and stressed and that makes for very long days. I love my coworkers and the kids (well, most of them :)) which makes it a bit easier for me to go into work each day. I will have Friday's off in Jan/Feb so that will help me find the time to finish my Master's paper which is still not completed. I feel like a total slacker but it's been hard to find the energy and time.

Since this weekend is Christmas, we will be visiting with family, eating and shopping! What should be a relaxing time of year never is and we will be busy. Tim is making some white chocolate chex mix and listening to christmas tunes and I am doing laundry and trying to clean up my desk area. Tonight we are going to the midnight mass with Tim's mom and Mike and visiting with Tim's dad and brother. Tomorrow we are spending the day at my sister's with my parents and Monday we are at Tim's mom's house. We will also go shopping for sale stuff on Monday and Tim has a long overdue eye appointment. I also have a long overdue eye appointment Jan. 4th. I think I will finally discuss the option of contacts even though I hate the idea of wearing them. I feel that I need to wear glasses all the time now and I don't really like to do that. I always forget to put them on, etc. and I like the idea of no hassle contacts.

So, not much new going on at the Sredzinski household. We hope the new year brings happiness and good health to us and to all of you!