Today I planted a butterfly garden! I'm so impressed with myself because I am not much of a gardener. I cleaned up a spot next to the house and sidewalk, put some Miracle-gro gardening soil down and sprinkled a seed bag that I bought in the dollar bins at Target. Yay! Now, I just have to water and watch it grow :)



It has been awhile since we've posted! We are mostly settled into our new house. I will post some before/after pics soon. I am unemployed at the moment. So, Tim is working extra hard (a lot of 12hr days and Saturdays). Hopefully, I will find another job soon. I have been enjoying this down time though. I was a huge ball of stress for a year and a half and this has been quite a relief! We were unsuccessful with our 6th month of Clomid so we have to decide now our next course of action. Money will play a big part in those decisions. Tim has an appt. on Tuesday for his analysis. He's REALLY looking forward to that! :) After we find out if he is 100% then we have to decide if I'm going to have a test called an HSG. Our insurance will pay 50% but that will still leave us paying $100-350. That test will determine if my tubes are open or closed. If they are closed then we really have no other option other than in-vitro and we def. can't afford that right now. So, both of these tests will answer a lot of questions. If my tubes are open, my doctor has a diff. drug she said we can try for 3 cycles and if that doesn't work we have to see a specialist.

Two weeks ago I met up with my friends Angie and Mandy in Chicago and we had a great vacation there! We had a spa day, went to a blues club, and did lots of shopping and eating and relaxing! Mandy had a horrible trip back though. Weather was bad in NYC and her 2hr plane trip turned into an over 24hr travel nightmare!!

My parents are all settled in Chicago now as well. We were out there Easter weekend and saw the play Wicked. It was great! Tim and I will be out there again in June to fly with them to San Francisco for my cousin's wedding. She is getting married in Wine Country and we can't wait! Tim has never been so this will be a fantastic trip for him.

In school related news, I FINALLY got my diploma from Syracuse yesterday! I technically graduated last August and there was some huge mix-up but I have it in my possesion now. Of course, they misspelled my middle name "Currry" and I had to order a new one today!