In light of Michigan becoming the new Hollywood (as our friend Monica has also posted about on her blog), Tim and I took a ride out to our own movie set right here in Howell!! I believe they are pretty much done with filming, but we still wanted to see if we could find any indication of a movie set and we certainly did! The movie is called "High School" and it stars Adrien Brody and Michael Chicklis and it's basically a stoner movie. Brody plays the drug dealer and Chicklis plays the school principal. When I first heard about it, I initially thought "what the hell is Adrien Brody doing in a stoner movie"? I guess he wanted to try something different!

Of course, the movie premise itself doesn't do much for Howell's image, since we already struggle with a major drug problem in our high school. On December 21st, Tim and I were coming home from seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra and I noticed a lot of commotion going on at the little grocery store on our street, well it turns out they were filming a scene there at 10:30pm on a Sunday! Also, my boss' friend rented out her house to the movie company for $1500 for the week so they could use it as Adrien Brody's character's house (I believe). What is also funny is that the movie is supposed to be set in Southern California so they had to constantly remove the snow from the scenes!

This is Parker High School in Howell (which is sitting unused as a HS b/c they can't afford to open it to students!! They had it open last year for 10-12th grade but it was too expensive. What a waste of money!)

This is the front of Parker HS where you can see that they changed the name to "Morgan HS" and added "Home of the patriots".

The next two photos show the cars used in the car crash scene.

This article talks about the car crash scene that takes place using the vehicles we were able to photograh.

Tim and I are definitely going to have to go see this movie now!!