It's Vacation Time!

Saturday morning Tim and I leave for our Michigan/Colorado vacation and we can't wait! Getting out of Syracuse for a bit will be a plus, but seeing our friends and family is an even bigger plus. We'll be in MI for a bit and then we head out to CO for Julie and Matt's wedding. Tim's never been to CO and he can't wait to see the mountains. I'm sure we'll have lots of cool pics to post when we get back.

My teaching went well. Only one girl told us that we were wrong most of the time and one girl started leaking fluid and I thought "please God don't have this baby now!" She didn't. My daycare volunteering is going well. I should be done with my 42 hours by the time school starts. I'm having a lot of fun playing with the babies!

This morning I had a rude awakening at 9am. I woke up to the sound of lots of men outside and cars pulling up into our driving way. I thought I was being invaded! Turns out it was the landlord and his crew starting to paint our house (which he never warned us about). I was so mad because I was dead asleep and it was scary! We don't exactly live in the greatest of 'hoods. At the end of the day, they hadn't painted much and left tons of trash outside on our lawn. Not to mention that most of the time I saw them outside 'working' they were hanging out on our porches chit-chatting. I have a feeling they are going to milk this for all it's worth. Of course they couldn't give me a time estimate on how long it will take. We're a little nervous about leaving the house unattended but my friend Mandy will be coming by to take care of the kitties so at least they will see someone going in and out of the house.

Hope all is well with everyone and we'll see some of you real soon! Ciao!



Haven't posted in a while cuz there isn't much to say at the Sredzinski household. Tim's working at the 6 as usual and I've been catching up on my reading of 'fun' books. Volunteering at Catholic Charities is going well. The teacher has asked me to teach one of the classes because she has jury duty. I have mixed feelings about this because it's a class on diapering and feeding newborns and I have no experience with either. I've listened to her teach the class once and I guess she feels I can handle it so I'll hope for the best. It's a little overwhelming because there are 15 pregnant women who probably know way more than I do about the subject who will be listening to me tell them how to feed, change, immunize, etc. their babies. This class will be on the 20th and all I'll be thinking about that week is that I get to go back to MI that weekend! yay!

I finally cleared up the immunization crap that had to be dealt with before I could do my internship at a daycare here in 'Cuse. That was a very overwhelming and frustrating experience. I had to get a TB test before I could work there and I am a positive reactor to the test and noone had any clue as to what to do with my situation. Finally, I had my PCP just do a chest xray (which is what I was telling the lovely people at SU's health services to do for a week) and of course it was negative. So, now I'm cleared to volunteer and I hope to start that next week.

Other than that stuff, things here are pretty normal. The kitties are being their normal kitty selves and Tim is being his normal Timmy self. :) I've convinced Tim to go to the farmer's market with Mandy and I tomorrow so he can experience the fun that is shopping for produce outdoors. The weather has been pretty crappy so we haven't been on any long walks or bike rides in awhile. We have, however, discovered the joy that is renting movies from the library for free! We have embarked on a Sex and the City marathon because neither of us have ever seen the show. We are almost through with Season 2 and I feel like I definitely missed out on a great show for the last 6yrs.

Hope all is well in your lives. Drop us a line and let us know how you're doing!