Down with the NPH

Tim and I recently watched Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and it was hilarious! I wasn't sure what to expect from a movie about White Castle and the munchies, but it was really funny. I also never thought Doogie Howser (Neil Patrick Harris) would ever be cool again, however, I just saw that the first season of that show is out on DVD! They are bringing every show back that I loved as a kid to DVD. It's great! NPH is pretty funny in the movie. Totally not his wholesome Doogie character.

We have our last RENEW group meeting tonight and I'm happy because we'll get our Sunday night's back, but I'm a little sad because we'll never get to participate in the groups again here in Syracuse. RENEW has been a major part of our church life here and we've met some great people through the groups. I'll have to see if a church in Howell/Brighton participates in that program.


Huddle For Warmth

Alanna snapped this rare pic of all three cats together. Even Jingles is cuddling with Maddie!

Just A Good Ol' Boys...

...Never meanin' no harm
Beats all you never saw
Been in trouble with the law
Since the day they was born...

You know the "Dukes of Hazzard" theme song, by Waylon Jennings!

Well I thought I'd make two posts tonight.

Recently I've finished Season 1 of the Dukes. A lady from our church group, Dawn, bought it on DVD and let me borrow it. Memories...
You got to love that show. The General Lee, Daisy Duke, Boss Hogg, Daisy Duke, Bo and Luke, Daisy, Roscoe, Daisy, and Cooter. Cooter was my brother's nickname growing up. (Ha Ha Matt, everybody knows now!) I guess I shouldn't talk, mine was Bushk. Anyway, The General Lee was the real star of the show. The greatest car ever made, the 1969 Dodge Charger. One day I will have one, along with a PRS Guitar (right hon?).

I couldn't believe how wonderfully cheesy that show was. The impossible jumps, the bumbling sheriff who always lets the Dukes escape, Daisy Duke, and don't forget the "Dixie" horn on The General. And three adult cousins getting told what to do by Uncle Jessie. What a great show!
Dawn has season two also, but this Sunday is our last day of group, so I'll have to wait on that. But did you notice all of the old TV shows coming out on DVD now? Night Court, Magnum P.I., Knight Rider (Hell yeah!), Golden Girls, Punky Brewster, and on and on. I hope He-man comes back, ha, ha! By the power of Greyskull (oh my God I remember that). I so want to relive those old memories. Maybe someday!

Retro-ly yours,

Won't You (NOT) Be My Neighbor?

That is what Alanna and I will be saying to Syracuse, two months from today.
We've been in Syracuse for almost 2 years now. We're about sick of our neighbors here. We can't wait to leave.

Some of y'all may know a little about our neighbors here. They're insane! They've been doing laundry in our basement ever since we've been here, and probably for the last 10 years. The basement is like a storm shelter, where you enter through two big metal doors outside, that lead to the stairs and in the basement. They are down there twice a week, sometimes more. It's kind of creepy, especially since we know they can hear whatever we're doing. Then they leave the "clean" clothes down there to dry, except in the summer when they scatter them along side the driveway and behind our house. You may remember me shamelessly posting their undergarments on this page last summer. Well as of 2 months from now, we'll have our own laundry facilities to use.

Winter is quite a time for Brent next door. He must get really bored, or want to get away from Sherry. He will shovel one inch, I said one inch, of snow, while it's still falling. Then be back out at 11:30 PM, that's PM, to "clean" up a few flakes. (Notice how I use the term "clean" loosely with them?) But what really gets us, is that he'll always leave a strip in the middle of the driveway that he won't touch. But sometimes he'll shovel half the strip, or leave just 10 feet. It's really strange, I haven't figured out his pattern yet. Yet three days after the snow is done falling, he's still shoveling little bits and pieces here and there. But he won't touch our half of the back lot. You'd think someone that needed to shovel that much would just finish the job. I'm not expecting it when there's 5 inches, but he can't do the one inch? Strange.

Well that's one neighbor. Then there's the one guy upstairs, Jonathan. He never takes the garbage to the curb, and will walk right past the empty cans and leave it for us or Randy, the guy in the other apartment upstairs, to put away. Recently we found a garbage bag that somebody put out, not in a can. That was last week. No one has taken it to the curb. We're assuming it was Jonathan, or even possibly Brent and Sherry next door. Well, we're tired of doing other people's work. At least Randy takes out trash and shovels the front sidealk. Jonathan has done jack crap.

So last winter, Jonathan and his then boyfriend Jason that lived here only shoveled their parking spaces twice. Then they started parking on the street, presumably to avoid shoveling. So Jason left last fall after they broke-up. Then a couple months ago Jonathan inexplicably started parking his car in back, for about a week. Well him and Jason (back together?) were out last night and wedged their car in next to ours, where we've been busting our butts shoveling all winter. They had to shovel a little to fit in Jonathan's car. We think they took off for a trip in Jason's car. Look at how close they parked. Arrrgh! Notice the six foot high pile of snow to the right, where we pile it because nobody else parks there. That's what WE get for shoveling all winter.
Last winter, when we had two cars, I came home to find Jonathan's car parked in MY spot. He left it there for the weekend. He did tell Alanna, right after he woke her up, and I was gone to work. That's what WE got for shoveling last year.

So anyhow, enough with my rant! We will be glad to leave here, and live in a house where we are the only ones in it.

See everybody soon! We'll be home May 17th.