My new haircut

I went to Douglas J in Ann Arbor and got a haircut and highlights. Douglas J is an Aveda institute so all of the services are done by students. It's a lot cheaper than going to a full-blown salon! Yeah, I thought I'd throw another Milo pic in there too! He's so darn cute!

Milo loves to help!

Our House

Our new swing!

My new bird feeder

Dog Park

Tim and I took Milo to the dog park on Saturday and he had a blast! There were only a few other dogs there but he got some great socialization and excercise. Tim taught Milo how to go up the ramp and by the end of the day he was a pro and would do it on his own. He also mastered the tunnel. He's such a good puppy!

This dog park is so cool because it has a man-made pond with a babbling brook and a real pond and tons of land to roam free!